Fresh Look Design helps home owners, builders and real estate professionals get houses ready for sale. Most people search the internet to find properties to view and if yours is not the best that it can be, it will not be on their final list. Lori Drinkwater is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional (www.stagingtraining.com) that has been staging homes for six years with great success.

We offer solutions to help you sell your property faster and for the most money. We evaluate the condition of your home with recommendations to improve its saleability. We also provide you with resources to make these changes. Showcase your property using lifestyle selling techniques for the most appropriate buyer for your house.

Showcasing vacant properties is a must as it helps the prospective buyer envision themselves living in the home, it also helps them see if their furniture will fit into the property.

Occupied homes should also be showcased as buyers buy homes for the way they want to live. We create an emotional connection with the appropriate buyer and accentuate the selling features of the home.

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