Fresh Look Design carries many beautiful fabrics and drapery hardware to decorate your home.

Our quality products are available for many different budgets.


Beautiful fabrics from Fresh Look Design by “Unique” for your drapery, pillow and bedding projects:

Beautiful fabrics from Fresh Look Design by “Unique”


We also carry all the latest innovations in blinds and shades, whether you are looking for privacy, black-out shades for shift workers or just something to complete your rooms.

Our company can supply blinds or shades for your whole house or specific rooms, giving you solutions for your specific needs.

We have professional installers to see that your new window treatments are installed properly.

Give us a call at (780) 419-6059 so we can help you make your home fresh, stylish and a place you want to come home to.

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Custom Blinds and Draperies projects.

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